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Dorema Horizon AIR Deluxe Seasonal Pitch Caravan Awning 2023

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Dorema Caravan Awnings

Dorema Horizon AIR Deluxe Seasonal Pitch Caravan Awning 2023

Dorema Horizon AIR Seasonal Pitch Caravan Awning. The Horizon Air is the very latest Full Air Awning be produced by Dorema. The very latest and best European manufactured TenCate materials allow the Horizon to be used for longer periods throughout the season.

Safe Lock System kit
Veranda pole
Annex tall with pointed roof
Inner Tent

_ Price £ 2360.00

Dorema Horizon Deluxe AIR Seasonal Pitch Caravan Awning

Seasonal Pitch Awning Suitable from march to October

Dorema Horizon Deluxe AIR Seasonal Pitch Awning

The ultimate seasonal full air awning, now with fitted zipped privacy blinds

The Horizon Air DeLuxe All Season is the very latest fully inflatable caravan awning. This awning is made entirely of an extra heavy quality Ten Cate All Season canvas. This makes the Horizon Air All Season also well suited to use for a longer period of time during the year. The roof printed on the inside and the DormaTex walls give the awning a very exclusive look. Thanks to the Easy Air Frame (EAF), the awning is set up in a few minutes. The awning comes standard with a double mud flap, interchangeable front panels and covered zippers. The whole makes this a world-class awning.

Depth: 240 cm

Roof material: Ten Cate lightweight coated polyester,
printed on the inside with beautiful design.

Wall material: Ten Cate All Season designer awning fabric,
heavy quality coated polyester

Front Panel: Both panels can be rolled down or zipped out

Side Panel:Both panels are fitted with a door

Complete mesh panel in side panels

Frames:Easy Air Frame tubes

Size 6 – 9: 2 extra front legs

Size 10 – 13: 2 extra front legs and 2 extra roof support poles roof

Size 14: 4 extra front legs and 2 extra roof support poles roof

Size 15: – 22 4 extra front legs and 4 extra roof support poles roof

Available sizes: 775-1200 cm

Available colours: charcoal/grey

Weight: Size 11 approx. 31 kg


A ventilation opening in the ridge of the front panel that can be closed with a zipped panel
On both side panels you will find a fly screen panel

Need help finding the correct size ?

Ring us monday to friday on 01246857591
or email us with year make and model and we will check our database for you for the correct size

Please note when buying an awning please check your van for the correct size by
measuring from the ground up to the awning channel follow around and
back down to the ground again for the correct size or email or ring us
and we can check our database for the correct size required

please also note if you order the incorrect size we will NOT be able to
accept back if this has been out of the box or has been through the rail
and tried on the van if we were to accept back we would have the right to deduct
40% of the retail price for repacking and for the awning to be resold
as used as we wont be legally allowed to resell this as new

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