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Dometic Seitz S4 W700 x H550 Hinged Window


Dometic Seitz S4 W700 x H550 Hinged Window

Dometic Seitz S4 W700 x H550 Hinged Window.. The Seitz S4 Hinged Caravan Windows are the complete window system for motorhomes and caravans


_ Price £ 559.00

Dometic Seitz S4 W700 x H550 Hinged Window

Seitz Dometic S4 Hinged Window

SEITZ S4 OPENING TOP HINGED WINDOW SYSTEM - S4 is supplied as a complete kit of window and integrated Blind flyscreen system, all in one box. The Seitz S4 is the window of choice by many motorhome and camper manufacturers throughout Europe. Easy installation and long life span are guaranteed: Outer and inner frame are simply screwed together from inside, clamping the window to the vehicle wall, for a lasting and continuous seal. For wall thicknesses 26 to 41mm (requires trimming of inner frame) Outer Black RAL9005 frame with Grey tinted acrylic double glazed pane. Inner frame is cream-white RAL9001. Blind material is white to the interior with a thermally reflective silver aluminised coating to the outside. Fly net is white with no pattern. High quality windows Highly recommended by CAK. S4 Top Hinged window has telescopic side arms for easy ventilation with integrated roller blind and fly net to the inside. Safety catches prevent window from being opened from outside. Seitz S4 windows in all sizes are available either from our extensive stock or manufactured to order.

    NEW: Hinged window now opens steplessly
    Fly screen and darkening roller blinds can be clipped together and simultaneously adjusted with just one hand
    High degree of insulation: darkening roller blinds with aluminium coating
    Quick and easy installation
    Robust quality with double acrylic glazing
    Highly versatile: for wall thicknesses of 26–41 mm (fitted by shortening the inner frame)

Dimensions product height 581 mm
Dimensions product width 745 mm
Net weight 7.40 kg
Dimensions ordered width 700 mm
Dimensions ordered height 550 mm
Dimensions opening width 604 mm
Dimensions opening height 404 mm
Standard mount. material thickness 1 min 26 mm
Standard mount. material thickness 1 max 26 mm
Possible material thickness 1 min 27 mm
Possible material thickness 1 max 41 mm
Cut out height 549.00 mm
Cut out width 701.00 mm

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