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Quest Kensington Elite Premium Poled Caravan Porch Awning 2022

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Quest Leisure

Quest Kensington Elite Premium Poled Caravan Porch Awning 2022

Quest Elite Premium Poled Kensington Caravan Porch Awning 2022.. Introducing the Quest Elite Kensington Porch Awning, a supremely luxurious caravan awning that is designed to elevate your living space!

Quest Leisure

_ Price £ 919.00

Quest Elite Premium Poled Kensington Caravan Porch Awning

Introducing the Quest Elite Kensington Porch Awning, a supremely luxurious caravan awning that is designed to elevate your living space! The Quest Elite Kensington provides an excellent conservatory for the side of your caravan, features a footprint of 340cm in length, followed by a depth of 235cm. This stylish awning has been designed with performance in mind with thanks to its outstanding HydroTech Cotton Touch fabric. The awning's material boasts an exceptionally high waterproof rating at 10,000mm which means the awning is ready for any reason. The fabric along with the tent's structure can withstand the elements making it the ideal touring caravan porch awning; provides a place of shelter in the rain, wind, snow and sun.

The awning features a traditional look and feel, aspiring to those full-caravan awnings that you see on caravan sites at home or abroad. All the windows come with traditional curtains to complement the traditional look and feel of this awning. The windows are a modern take on the classic porch awning and are larger and clearer allowing for great views from anywhere in the awning and allows extra light flood into the awning.

You have a premium strength, adjustable steel frame which is extremely strong and sturdy giving you piece of mind when the weather turns. It is also extremely reliable and has been a proven winner for many years. The frame includes rear leg poles which are used to push the draught pads against the side of your vehicles to stop the draughts coming in. Being a traditional frame also means that it is adjustable, so handles uneven ground better than its air rivals and it also packs away to a smaller size.

The removable front and side panels make the awning easier to pick up and slide though your awning channel, helping to make this awning easier to erect. The Kensington can also be extended by using the performance poled annex on either or both sides.

The awning comes with heavy duty storm straps that clip into the sewn in buckles. These are then attached to the supplied storm springs and you also get the heavy-duty storm anchors to ensure excellent ground anchorage. All this and more, including curtains and rear legs come as standard ensuring you do not need anything else, there are no hidden extras, or extras to buy.

Features & Specifications: 

Produced from HydroTech Cotton Touch Fabric, UV protected, 10,000mm Hydrostatic Head
Features a strong and durable steel frame that is suitable for all seasons
All windows come with traditional style curtains for privacy
The front panel is removable which makes the awning easier to pitch, or leaves you with an canopy-style awning for those warmer days
Side door access, on either side, for convenience
Side panels are removable
Small canopy over the front, helps to reduce water streaks
Ventilation on the wings to help reduce the effects of condensation
Width: 340cm
Depth: 235cm
Awning Connection Height: 235cm to 250cm
Pack Size: 110 x 33 x 33cm (canvas)
Pack Size: 114 x 27 x 19cm (steel frame)
Total Weight: 18kg (canvas), 17.2kg (steel frame)
Pitching Weight: 10kg

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